Need specs on HP N1311-60006

Started by thesavage, May 09, 2008, 17:01

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Well, a buddy of mine works for a vehicle workshop, recently he received something I can only describe as a LCD Touchscreen with an unfamilliar cable connection.

On the back I see:
HP Logo
12VDC   1 AMP

It has a 44 pin DB Male connector and no power supply, so I'm guessing power is supplied via this cable too.
Pin config (o = male pin // x = no pin):
  oooooooooooooxx 15
  xxxoooooxooxooo 30
  oooxooooooooxx 44

The cable has: FUJIKURA-T E49075 AWM STYLE 20276 VW-1

I searched wherever possible to find more information, but so far have hit dead ends or incomplete information.

Does anyone have more specs on this LCD?
I want to attempt making some type of conversion from this 44 pin connector to either pin 15 vga with seperate powersource or DVI.

My techtalk is not excellent, so I hope this makes sense.