Need pinout playstation1 cable av-multiout to scart or 3xRCA (video, L-R audio)

Started by bazare, May 24, 2008, 13:56

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I lost my av-multiout => 3xRCA adapter for playstation 1.
I'm in urgent need for a solution ... to connect my playstation to the tv either throught the RCA or SCART.

I have found the following pinout for av-multiout
5-S-video Y
6-Ntsc video composite sync
7-S-video C
8-video ground
10- +5VDC
11- Red

Obviously the first 4 pins are for audio and i can easily put 2 RCA's for those
but i need 2 other for the video RCA and i have no ideea.

randy h

As long as you are using NTSC tv (usa standard) pin 6 would be the signal wire (center of RCA plug) and pin 8 would be the ground (shell or barrel of RCA plug).

randy h