Motorola W375 Screen and Camera Pinout

Started by montymintypie, Jun 01, 2008, 13:30

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I recently found (would you believe it) half of a clamshell phone in a pot plant. I managed to salvage some parts, and found out through Google that it was a Motorola W375. I disassembled it, and two parts that were able to be salvaged were the LCD screen and VGA camera. The LCD has 14 pins, and the camera 19 or 20 (hard to count as they were quite small). From more research, I reckon that the LCD will have a generic pinout, but I haven't been able to find it. I'd also like to know what hardware/software/knowledge would be required to utilise it in random stuff. Does anyone know any good sources on how to do this? It'd be cool if I could connect the camera to the screen and run them both off a battery, or make the camera record a video to some sort of flash media. I hope someone can help, it seems like most questions get answered pretty quickly here :)

Will T



Anyone? By the way, the camera is 20 pins.


Hi there. I can't answer your question but would genuinely be interested in buying the screen off you! My wife has a W375 with a broken LCD and we can't find any way of getting the photos off the phone without actually sending them via MMS, which we can't do because we can't work out the menus without the screen...

Can you please email me at robgt2 at gmail dot com if you'd be interested in helping us out.