Sony Erricson telephone Interface in microlight

Started by rderham, Jun 04, 2008, 12:24

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Hi, I have a microlight aircraft in which I have a mobile telephone adaptor which allows me to use my mobile through the intercom system. The lead has a jack plug connector which then connects to a telephone specific adaptor. It used to work fine with my old K700. I have recently purchased the telephone specific adaptor to suit my new phone (K800i) but it doesn't function correctly. When I connect it, it registers as being in hands free mode but when I try to phone out it momentarily starts to dial and then stops exactly as it would if the 'hang up' key was pressed, ie just displaying the number list. The pins being used by the adaptor are 3 (Mic+/AUXIN_L), 6 (DTMS/SP_R), 8 (VPPFLASH) & 9 (GND). Any attempts at diagnosis / proposals for a solution would be gratefully received. Thanks. ???