Putting a DoorBell Switch (momentry) onto a PC Serial Port

Started by bigben, Nov 08, 2005, 16:58

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G'Day guys,
I want to put a doorbell type (momentry) switch onto a rs232 serial port. From here when the button is pressed it will do something arather in my program (eg: when the button is pressed it will say turn the computer off)
The programming side of things I have a grip on (sort of), but actually putting a switch onto a serial port I have no idea. I would think it would need resisters, possibly a microcontroller? I googled and so far have found nothing..
Anyone got any ideas?


simple - connect between DTR and DSR with a resistor btwn 0v and DSR. Then if DTR and DSR are the same, the switch is pressed. Let me know if it works!


You want to control your PC using rs232C?
Try with the LPT port, is better and simple.
The program to use just have to check a bit in the port, the bit change when you press the button.
The rs232 use serial data and you cant control this type of data directly with a switch.


Hmm, I will look into what you say notwhoyouthink, but first I think Ill look into the LPT port.