Connect Dell monitor (DVI-D) to video card out (DVI-I)

Started by Jake, Nov 12, 2005, 03:22

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I have a Dell monitor with a DVI-D input and the output on my sound card is DVI-I.  A look around seems to suggest that the cables being sold are either DVI-D to DVI-d or DVI-I to DVI-I.  I did see a DVI-D to DVI-I converter but that seems kind of kludgy and adds to the cost.  Am I missing something really simple (it wouldn't be the first time!)?
       Thanks for your help.


Hi Jake,
           Your video card-I think this is what you mean ??  DVI-I means it supports both digital and analog signal....your monitor on the other hand is DVI-D which is digital "I think" either cable you mentioned will do the job (not the converter)
Check out your video card software or properties and see what the settings are(most new cards spport both)output should be set to digital and hopfully you should have a picture.The analog out is for VGA pc monitor.

NOTE:Im just learning more about this myself and Im not 100% sure about the above,but it may offer some help.Have a look this artical,

...It has a good paragraph about DVI(digital video interface) and all its variations.

Hope this helps,
GEE. :idea: