Looking For: Pinout for Panasonic SB-WA310 Subwoofer

Started by OntITTech, Nov 18, 2005, 23:32

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I am looking for a Pinout for a Pansonic SB-WA310 Subwoofer.

This is an active Subwoofer with a Proprietary 23-Pin Connector that connects to a HT-800 Home Theater Receiver. The Receiver is Dead, but I would like to still use the Subwoofer.

I have tried to trace the lines for the Subwoofer and have found the Neg going to the Speaker, but On further testing I have come up with 4 Possible Pos connections (all reading beween 8-10 Ohms resistance)

If anyone has the Pinout for this connector or could tell me how to go about narrowing my search further it would be greatly appreciated.


Although I am not familiar with this specific speaker, I might suggest an
approach that, perhaps, could help.  If the speaker terminals are directly
accessible (I presume that they may not be, by your approach), simply test resistance from positive speaker terminal to connector.  A low or zero
ohms resistance shows a direct connection.  Presuming that the terminals
of the speaker are not directly available, you might use this alternative
approach (I am assuming that you have identified the negative speaker
terminal input, as I believe you indicated).

Obtain/ make a simple audio generator - a LM555 timer chip would do fine.
Desired frequency about 100 Hz (not critical).  The 555 circuit output pin
is connected to the speaker ground via a 1K resistor (might need to decrease to 100 ohm value if you can't hear any speaker output - it will be
clearer in a moment).  The 555 circuit positive voltage supply is connected to a wire for probing the input connector pins one at a time.
The pin which gives loudest hum should be the one you want.  Please note: the 555 circuit built is an astable multivibrator circuit.  If you do a search on Google for 'LM555 circuits', you will find many examples.
Positive power supply should be 10 to 12 volts.

Best Of Luck!



i do have a panasonic sub model sb-wa310 it's working but i just have subwoofer only. AND I HAVE NO CABLE.. YOU WANT BUY IT


1.)  Do you still have this SB WA310?

2.)  Are you sure it works?

3.)  How much do you want for it?


I just saw this posting.  I have an SB-WA310 in excellent working condition with the original connection cable.  If you want it, send me an email and an offer to estisari02@verizon.net


I have 1 too just the sub no cable I need a cable or mines forsale too reply back at sugardaddy2622@yahoo.com if interested


looking cable SB-WA310 from subwoofer to DVDpanasonic    Saint181@wp.pl  


I am also selling a panasonic sb wa310 subwoofer email me at gelecouture@hotmail.com for more info.


Have the subwoofer and cable but no receiver.
Unless someone can name some kind of adapter for the 23 pin cable to connect to a Sony receiver's input for a sub..it is for sale.

frank cagle

i have the panasonic sb-wa310 subwoofer and thay work great but i am looking for a sc-ht810 reciever in working order hope someone has one for sale

David Hull

I have the cable if anyone has an interest - 20 bucks and free shipping. We blew the powered subwoofer and decided not to replace it.


i have a panosonic subwoofer for sell SB-WA310 great condition