Qtek 2020 bottom connector broken

Started by ATC@LWSK, Dec 02, 2005, 01:52

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Hi all,
I have a Qtek2020 and the bottom connector(22-pin) is broken, that is, some of the pins are missing and I am unable to recharge it. I googled to find a connector to replace it, but couldn't find any.
What I managed to find is the connector for HP Ipaq 38xx series. It looks like it's the same, so I was wondering can anyone confirm will I be able to replace my broken connector with the one for the Ipaq 38xx.
Here's a link to the site that sells connectors for ipaq 38xx.

Can anyone confirm would I be able to replace my broken connector with this one? Is it the same one?
Thanks a lot,



I have similar problem with Axim X3. Some of the pins are broken. I am also looking for a suitable connector to replace in my Axim X3. Please post your results on this page if you have any siccess


I can see that this is a long time ago but anyway had you any luck with getting the new connector and was it easy enough to solder in place?? I have the same problem with my qtek 1010 and the ipaq connector is the same but it wires differently.....heres hoping.....Bigdin


wow, I haven't visited this site since long time ago. Luckily, I had that notification email turned on, so I did receive this request.
Nevertheless, I can tell you that the connector that I purchased from the above mentioned store worked like a charm. I didn't solder it,'coz I'm not that tech savvy, so I took it to a repair store and had them solder it for me. I know they used SMD soldering, and it took 10 minutes or less.
Hope this helps,

Jordan, Macedonia