Connect laptop screen to Desktop... possible?

Started by NeCroFire, Aug 05, 2008, 18:31

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I had the idea for a while now to try and connect a 15" laptop screen to my desktop. Will it be possible to connect the laptop screen to a 15 pin output from my GForce? Or would it be better to try it from DVI?

What does the laptop screen's "connection wiring" to the laptop it self look like? Would one need to convert the signals?



So you're basically saying to use the laptop as an external display? It won't work usually. You'd have to do some pretty serious solder/desoldering/work to make it work. And there'd be a big risk of failure. Unless your laptop already has this function included, which would be rare, if it exists at all.


I do not think it is impossible... you just need to figure out what are you connectin to what. There is a pretty good article on the same web site VGA PINTOUT. Where it looks like the importance is in the monitor idenification make sure that you scrren support intup signal from the register.

I am actualy starting to work on the same project. One thing i am not sure about signal that is going the LCD notebook display is that equals to the suglan that is send to regular monitor. Obviosly i am not talking about the power that is different.
Please any help or tips would be helpfull.