iPod Nano 3rd Generation Video Output

Started by sdphm80, Aug 07, 2008, 06:34

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I recently bought an iPod nano 3rd Generation. I plugged it into my Creative xdock (which has a composite and s-video output) but when I went to play a video my ipod simply said Please Connect Video Accessory. Annoyed I went to Best Buy and bought and apple 30-pin connector to composite/audio output cable (which worked great). But then I got this idea, while the ipod was playing the video I disconnected it from the Apple cable and plugged it into my xDock and bam it was playing video from my xDock.

Anyways it seems the iPod checks only when the video starts for a 'Video Accessory' and I some how doubt that iPod put chips in their cable so... there must be some sort of resistor or some other jumper that lets the iPod nano that there is a video accessory connected... does any body have any idea what pins this might be or what the value would be??

Any help is appreciated!!



gmn si cara masukin video ke iPod?
iPod gw iPod nano 3rd generation 4GB..
bingung gw cara masukin videonya!!  ???


Kl cuma masukin Video doang convert dulu pake Total Video Converter, formatnya ipod MP4. Enaknya buat folder baru dulu lalu masukkin ke itunes insert folder.. Biar Gak berantakan Buat property dr tiap video.. buat playlist masukkin daftar video td ke playlist... bisa deh...


Is that malay?
I'm trying to translate using google translate but I couldn't... :-\


Maybe this info can help:

Different resistances indicate accessory type:
1kOhm - iPod docking station, beeps when connected
10kOhm - Takes some iPods into photo import mode
68kOhm - makes iPhone 3g send audio through line-out without any messages
500kOhm - related to serial communication / used to enable serial communications Used in Dension Ice Link Plus car interface
1MOhm - Belkin auto adaptor, iPod shuts down automatically when power disconnected Connecting pin 21 to ground with a 1MOhm resistor does stop the ipod when power (i.e. Firewire-12V) is cut. Looks to be that when this pin is grounded it closes a switch so that on loss of power the Ipod shuts off. Dock has the same Resister.


I tried different resistors with 3g Nano from the list - nothing worked to enable video out. Still the same message "Connect video accessory". Did anyone solve this problem? What the resistor nominal did you use (exact, please - some rumor the need of using 0.5%-1% precision type of resistors).