Samsung SGH-X497 connector pinout needed

Started by PLC_Tech, Feb 18, 2006, 05:16

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I bought two interface cables off a store on ebay to interface my pc via usb to my Samsung SGH-X497.  Turns out that these cables don't work with my phone.
I believe they are serial to USB cables.  When I plug the cable into the phone it goes blank and I have to remove the battery to reset the phone.
AS you may guess the interface doesn't work either..The driver does recognize the cable..
If I had the proper pinout for the 18 pin connector I'ld be all set to rewire the
end of the cable properly..



I bought a CSAMX426DAT1 on ebay as well for my x497.  Exact same problem.  I am contact the seller to see if he has any resolution.  But let me know if you find any information.  I'll do the same.


I got no responce from the Ebay seller..
Be careful what you buy on ebay..
He had a high number at some 99%, but after the fact when I checked
for negative comments he had plenty in the last 30 days..
I guess since he had such a high number of autions.. (over 30000) that skewed his score a bit..

Anyway.. still looking for the pinouts for this phone.

By the way. this phone has one extremely anoying (feature??)
I could not figure out why I kept missing calls with the phone..
The ringer kept going into silent mode..
I thought that I was bumping the volume/ringer volume when i had the lid up on it... NO! it turns out that if you hold down the side control for like 5 seconds that it puts it into silent mode..
You know like when you have it in your pocket..
ARG !!! I should have got the LG phone..


I bought the same exact cable and am having the same problem.  I've bought from the seller many times in the past and haven't had issue.  This time I can't even contact the guy.  Still looking for the pinout as well  :(


I have the same problem.  I cannot make sense of the connections on this cable.  This is what I see
             |                          |
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
| |             |  |     |     |  |       |
+-+                                      -GND

This does not match any thing that I found at http//


the same thing happens to me, I tried to wire the phone, using tx,dx , gnd to my serial port... didnt work. perhaps wrong wiring, any results you?


I just want to make a serial cable for the cell phone, is it possible? with the pinouts showed here?


it's possible, but cable scheme isn't very simple. Sample scheme is here - . There are other modifications available at the