HP XW9400 Motherboard Pinouts

Started by jravin, Apr 15, 2009, 20:08

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I have a MB from an HP XW9400 Workstation, and I need to find out some of the pinouts, which I cannot locate in any HP docs, including the 216 page HP XW9400 Service and Workstation User Guide (or whatever it is called). The MB is a modified (for HP) TYAN S2915 board, and has some proprietary connectors on it - in particular, the Front Panel Header (2x10 pins) and the CPU Fan headers, which are 5 pin (not 3 or 4 pin as for standard MB CPU Fans. TYAN won't help me on this; I have sokent to them as well...
Do any of you have this information? The board is unuseable for me at present because of these header pinout problems.
Thanks in advance!


did you ever get an answer for this problem.  I have the same MB, same problem


The same happened to me. I see only one way - to buy HP 436326-001 or another proprietary