4-pin (like in iPhone) male/female jack

Started by DR_MARK, Jul 31, 2009, 01:03

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Does anyone know where someone can purchase a male/female 4-pin jack like the one used in the iPhone?

Seen in this link...


Digikey.com, mouser.com  companies like them.  You might not find the connector, but you will find a premade cable that goes from it to tinned leads.  I've already bought a few for my random needs.  :D


Thanks for the suggestions. Digikey does not seem to have it; but I asked for just the male/female parts, (not with tinned leads). They have 4-pin mini-DIN connectors, but the problem is that the DIN configuaration is too wide, in cross-section, for my application. I need something THIN in cross-section.

I tried contacting some of the companies, listed in the pinout.ru site,  that use the 4-pin connector in some of their cell-phone stereo-earphone/microphone products,  (e.g. LG), but they do not know what I am talking about; and they won't give me a direct contact to their engineering depts.

So far mouser has not responded.


4pin iPhone connector - When pin 3 & 4 are shorted the internal microphone on the iPhone is not disabled.  The microphone pin must be left open to accomplish this.  Is there a software alternative?