plug a hard drive into a compact flash socket

Started by davidmurrayesq, Mar 12, 2006, 01:18

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can someone help me with building a device/cable that will let me plug a hard drive into a compact flash socket.

i understand that the pins on a compact flash are very similar to that of a hard drive, do i need to hack up a compact flash to achieve this or is there a cable already available?


As far as I know this is not possible. Although I use CF in one of my computers as a low power hard drive replacement. What is your reason for doing this?


i want to plug a hard drive into my compact flash socket, i know about the external power supply needed for the hard drive to run i just need to create the adapter


Its not hard technically but cannot be guaranteed to work in the general case, as most systems with CF sockets access them with the PCMCIA subset of signals, not as an IDE device. CF cards can work as either depending on how they are jumpered.