Car stereo DIN 5-pin help!!

Started by brianjrealtor, Jul 27, 2010, 23:21

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I have an oldschool Kenwood KRC-929 cassette car stereo that has 4 channels...(crazy, but i still prefer analog sound)

this head unit has 2 DIN plugs (5- pins each) for the output of the front and rear channels instead of the standard RCA output plugs. the amp i have only takes RCA plug inputs for front and rear channels

These DIN plugs were used in some of the old school car stereo and amp applications from different manufactures (alpine, Kenwood, etc.) and probably have a universal wiring code as to which pin goes is for what lead.

here's my options..

1) buy- I either need to know where I can buy an adapter cable that converts the male DIN to 2 RCA female (left and right channels). Where can I buy these cables cheap??


2) do it myself- All I need to know is the assignment for each of the 5 pins inside each of the 2 DIN output channel plugs so I can connect 2 RCA female plugs...(ie, front left (+), front Left (-), front right (-), front right (+), and the same for the rear channels Left/right (-) (+)...Each 

I've looked all over the itnernet and have come up short on exact wiring diagrams..
Once I know, I can take it from here...


I have the exact same stereo and the same problem, however,

I dissected the front speaker din wire and can tell you what it looks like:  the core/center is two very skinny wires yellow and white and they are wrapped in copper wire inside a white insulation tube. Then outside of that is one skinny red wire and all is wrapped in copper wire with the outer gray tube. 

I suggest getting the converter if that is possible. 

The only reason I am trying to use this relic is because a low life stole  >:( my ALPINE CDE-9845 and I have had issues with the last 2 freebie replacements.

Let me know if you find a harness for this..


I found an amateur and shortwave radio supply site that has these discontinued plugs. Check it out, there were also 6ft din pin to RCA plugs.


1.5 dins fit in almost every car, and rarely need a faceplate to hold them in place. Double din monitors usually do need cutting to be able to fit, and most look custom fit which costs a lot more money. I have a single din 7" DVD player that of course flips out, and no cutting was required, just a faceplate and two screws holding it in place. I recommend getting a single din and if you have extra space, to put in a holding box that clips to your headunit and holds the model in place. Then you can have room for CD's or cigarettes or whatever you want. Go to and ask a professional about it. Name your car model and the model of headunits you're looking at and they'll help you no doubt.