Electronic Typewriter Panassonic KX-R530 and Interface Adaptor KX-R60

Started by Gustavo Callegari, Feb 11, 2008, 04:54

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Gustavo Callegari

Please! I need the schematics of an Interface Adaptor (KX-R60) that the Electronic Typewriter Panassonic KX-R530 uses to connect to a PC parallel port! If possible!
Or another way to connect the Electronic Typewriter Panassonic KX-R530 (that uses a 8pin mini DIN female conector) to the parallel port of a PC to use as a printer!
Thanks to all! :)


Good luck!   I could get no pinout combo to print to 8pin DIN from centronics/parallel!   I finally just got a KX-R60 off ebay as Panasonic USA no longer sell them.  ???

Gustavo Callegari

But do you can disassemble this KX-R60 adapter and look the circuits schematics and pinouts! And then tell to us!  :D


It is NOT just an adapter that remaps pinouts.  It contains a logic circuit to interpret the (basic and very few) printer commands that are sent as part of a print job from a computer.  That logic IS NOT built into the typewriter and adapting a cable from 8pin DIN to parallel will NOT work!

Gustavo Callegari

Ok! I understand you! But I think that you don't understand me!
Please! Can you do a reverse engineering on this adapter for me? Example: take a photo of circuits, and take note some observations like the color of the wires and the pinouts!! Tell me the components names and etc.!
Please! I ask this to you, because here were I leave, is very difficult to import some item from international eBay! And I can't find this adapter here to buy! I'm looking for this adapter a long time! The components I can buy here! And with the schematics, I can build one adapter to me!
If you can do this for me, I will be thank you very much!
Best regards!



I'm also interested in knowing the components inside the KX R60 adapter as I could not find it on the net, even on eBay.

Thanks in advance,