Logitech X-530 connector

Started by LightMan701, Aug 01, 2010, 21:52

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I recently got a Logitech X-530 5.1 system at a tag sale. It came with a few extra satellite speakers, but didn't come with a front right speaker, which unfortunately has the controls and wires to plug into my computer. Having some electrical knowledge, I was hoping to make a substitute or replacement by soldering the right wires into the right places on a new d-sub connector. Unfortunately this isn't working well. I found this site which gave a big help:


It covers a lot, but not enough for me to figure out how to emulate the front right speaker. I don't know if the signal from the computer goes straight into the d-sub, or if it is preprocessed by the front right speaker (I think it's only a potentiometer, which means directly connecting the signal to the d-sub should get me signal). If that's the case, then I guess I just don't know how to turn it on without the ON switch. The site makes me think shorting pin 15 (which I measure is at 6V btw) and pin 11 (which I measure at 0V) would turn it on, but that's not working.
Does anyone (such as the person who wrote the above article or someone who owns an X-530) have any ideas?


Hey, you have to short the headphone pins as well cause the need to be connected so as to made the thing work.


You can connect through S/PDIF but not the X540's. You can however buy a USB external sound card for a laptop and plug it the speakers into that in the usual way (the three jack to jack connections Green, Orange and Black)

Hope this helps.


@ Salla, pin 11 and pin 15 must short right to turn on the the speaker system, but where to locate the pin led, i want to put a led to see if the x-530 speaker turned on? what pin is that? is that pin 11 and pin10? thanks in advance..