Started by aradian, Jan 06, 2008, 22:46

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I have an APC Back-UPS ES USB 650VA, but I do not have the RJ-45 to USB cable that is required to connect it to a computer. Could someone who has one of these test their cable? I have been playing around with a multimeter on a standard Cat5 cable connected to it, but haven't found out anything. Does anyone know what characteristics the correct pins would have (voltage, resistance, etc)?

Oops... It seems that this is actually an RJ-50 like the one mentioned here (http://pinouts.ru/DevicesCables/apc_usb_cable_pinout.shtml). It also looks like it will be impossible to connect with an RJ-45.


I've added some APC pinouts, and according to those pinouts it's possible to connect RJ-45 into this socket.


Sorry for tacking onto such an old thread, but I just found your site (where have you been all my IT life?). 
I don't see how this RJ45 pinout would work in this scenario as pins 1 & 10 would be missing and according to your diagram that corresponds to USB +5v and USB Data +, so those would not be connected.  In checking a couple of other diagrams, an RJ45 can be used to fabricate a simple RS232 connection with "pin" control.