Too many guests from my IP???

Started by Rekrul, May 05, 2006, 15:12

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I came here to read the forums to see if anyone had experienced the same thing I did with a partcular project on this site and the forums informed me that there were already too many guests from my IP and that I would have to register to see anything.

I understand not allowing unregistered users to post, but why does a person have to register just to view the forums?


This is temporary fix for problems caused by spam spiders.
They attacks my website and forced forums stop function due to webserver overload.

Did you turn cookies off? What is your browser?


Quote from: "Andrew"Did you turn cookies off? What is your browser?

I'm using Firefox 1.06 and I do have cookies blocked.

I do this because it really annoys me that EVERY site on the net automatically sends you a cookie before you even get to see the site itself. If I'm not logging onto a site, or saving some kind of preferences, then that site has no business sending me a cookie. So when the box pops up saying the site wants to send me a cookie, I automatically click the Deny button.

Later, if I decide I want or need to allow cookies from that site, I'll remove the block for that site.