Identify socket/type please?

Started by anonymoose, Jul 15, 2011, 18:33

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Hi - could any of you gurus identify the USB connector below please?

I can't work out if it's a normal USB type and I'm just being stupid, or a proprietary one.  It's on an old Packard Bell Audio Dream MP3 player. 



could you repost the image please - I can't see it (might be my network at work though...)


I think you can get its connector from any electronics store, If you like to buy online then you can find it at amazon !


I called the number that mentioned a free cable and the recorded message said that the program is over and referred to a partner.  I assumed it would be to order for money a new cable.  There was a link to click for more help and this came up:
LifeScan, Inc.
Attn: OneTouch® Zoom™ Diabetes Management Program
1000 Gibraltar Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035
U.S. Customer Service: 877-691-8824

I called and got a cable for free.
Note: I was already in their database so YMMV