HP server PSU pinout

Started by toonttm, Jul 16, 2011, 09:44

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I have just got a HP server PSU that I want to run as a PSU to a charger for large RC batteries.
I am trying to find out what connectors I need wire permantely to turn the PSU on.

I can get around 11V output by linking pins 2 and 5 together. I haven't tried a load resistor yet to see if this will work but the power LED doesn't come on.

generic part: 490594-001

Pics attached of connector board and label on outside of case.
(can't attach pics? The connectors are 6 small strips then 2 large strips. One of the large strips is earth and I assume the other is +ve output.



Hi toonttm

Did you ger any more info on this ?
I have a PS that I also want to use for 12V.
Mine's a diff model though