Samsung S20<->USB Computer

Started by cracky, Jul 29, 2011, 22:37

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Hello community,

first I need to say that this knowledge base is awesome.
It answered so many questions of mine.

I want to make sure that I understood everything correctly before I mock up my new cellphone.
My aim is to build a little S20<->USB-Data-Cable to connect my Samsung B2100 to my computer.
As far as I know the cellphone owns a standard Samsung 20pin port to connect Peripherals.
I looked it up at:
This seems quite reliable but I wondered why it tells me to connect the Data+ of the cellphone to the Data+ of my computers USB-Port...
Yeah quite nooby that I don't get it but is it senseful to connect + to +?
Is it because the S20 port is always the client/slave of it's connected device and so got a "+" called pin for to connect the host?

Aww I am a bit confused...
Perhaps you might clear things up a bit.

Thanks in advance