Need Help for USB pinout convert to DB9 serial port Pinout

Started by jhunararive, Aug 13, 2011, 18:36

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Hi everyone,

Good Day.

My newly Logitech trackball marble mouse does not detect to our
company Desktop kindly see below the specs of our CPU.

Os: Win95 / Win98
Ram: 256 sdram
Connectivity : Serial POrt 9 pin

our old Trackball mouse is connect to a serial port DB9 but we had problem
because we replace it with a USB logitech Trackball mouse but we use a adaptor from USB AF to DB9 Serial port we already install the driver but still he doesn't detech the mouse. our main suspect must be the supply volts or wiring of USB compare to Serial Port DB9. our CPU doesn't have a USB connection because this old version it have PS2 connection but still it used on keyboard.but our CPU only have 1 ps2 port for Keyboard if i used it only one can used we already try to test the PCI card with USB port but still doesn't work if there's our way to cut the wiring may be the supply or the wiring configuration of USB and DB9 serial port i hope you can give me any suggestion to my problem thanks..


It's not a simple adapter to connect USB to RS-232. There are no converters (at least I know of none) to connect a USB *device* to a RS-232 *port*. For Windows 98 Second Edition you can get the Maximus Decim USB driver package from the forum and install a PCI USB card if your PC has no USB ports. (There may be an adaption of this package for Windows 98 original.)

There are some versions of this driver for non-English versions of Windows. If there isn't one available for your language, join the forum and ask and perhaps someone may be able to make what you need.

"Maximus Decim" took the USB drivers from Windows Me and did some "adjusting" to make them work in Windows 98SE. This package is designed to replace ALL USB Mass Storage drivers and many other USB drivers, but not printers. Before installing this you should uninstall all your USB peripheral's individual drivers. Basically if it's plug and play in WinMe and later without needing a driver, it will be PnP without a driver in 98SE after installing this.

IIRC, it also adds USB 2.0 support to Win98SE.

What would be a real neat trick is porting it to Win95B.