Request clarification on HP Proliant ML310 aux power pinout

Started by yorkshirepudding, Aug 27, 2011, 02:50

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Is anybody able to clarify a few queries I have with this please?  How are the pins numbered (i.e. where is pin 1 in relation to the clip) ?  What does it mean when it says "Pin 3 is tied to ground if the connector is present / the PSU is O.K."?

I got a Compaq Proliant ML310 from freecycle, and the PSU was gone.  Didn't fancy paying ?120+ for replacement so using a standard ATX that doesn't have 10 pin plug.



Decided just to try what I thought it might be and worked.  Linked pin 3 to pin 3 of the ATX connector (a ground).  The 10pin plug I found on ebay had the pins numbered so was ok.