DirecTV DIN-10 component video and audio pinout.

Started by bizzybody, Nov 03, 2011, 13:37

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I rang this out with my DMM continuity test, while looking at the DIN-10 diagram here for the ATi Allin-Wonder DIN-10 and transposing left to right from plug to connector. I double checked so the numbers are hopefully correct. I searched for quite a while but didn't find this pinout online anywhere.

1 red tip
2 red ring
3 blue tip
4 green ring
5 NC
6 green tip
7 blue ring
8 left audio
9 audio ground
10 right audio

I bought a sealed bag at a thrift shop for $3 because it had an HDMI cable. It also contained a phone cord, a normal RCA stereo AV cord and this DIN-10 to component and RCA audio cord. I thought the DIN looked familiar, when I got it home I was happy to see it plugged into my ATi Radeon All-in-Wonder I've never had the video out dongle for. Now I have something to hack one from! :)