REQ: DIN-9 on Creative Labs CT7230 analog overlay DVD decoder.

Started by bizzybody, Nov 03, 2011, 14:12

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I know it's old but I want to be able to use this Creative Labs CT7230 analog overlay DVD decoder card in an older PC. The TV out appears to be the standard DIN-7 S-Video and Composite.

The cable I'm missing is the VGA in, which is a DIN-9, which is supposed to feed the VGA video in from the video card with a block of a specific color (or full screen) that the CT7230 basically chroma-keys the DVD video onto then sends the combined video out its own VGA port.

I assume the card could be used without the loop-through just using the composite or S-Video out to a TV or monitor, but where's the fun in that? ;)

At least it's better than the Diamond Multimedia card from 1997 that had no driver updates, only works properly with Windows 95a and only with the crappy player app shipped with the card, that doesn't do full screen. *looks at card* Hmmm, its VGA loop-through uses a DIN-10... I bet I could make a D-15 to DIN-4 and RCA adapter and use this cord on my All-in-Wonder! (Then throw away the Diamond card.)