Samsung Galaxy S I9000, S8500 Wave headset specification users reports & reviews

Started by PJK2011, Mar 17, 2012, 10:00

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You have a user submission marking your information as Incorrect as follows:

2012-03-04 09:47:50   INCORRECT   galaxy gt-i9000

audio mode
tip          left
ring 1     right
ring 2     ground
sleeve    mic

Video mode
tip          left
ring 1     video
ring 2     ground
sleeve    right

While I agree that the page is incomplete because it does not address the video issue, I think it unlikely that Samsung would make such a radical pin change between audio and video modes. When you plug in the cable, a dialog box pops up asking if you are plugging in a video or audio cable.

As a user of the S8500 searching for a video cable, I found that the Nokia video cable CA-75U that ships with the N96 among others is compatible with the S8500.

Posts I have found discussing this issue note that Samsung and Nokia reverse the universal cable standard LRGM to LRMG for these phones with video support.

Your page on the Nokia smartphone AD-57 contains the note:

Pin 3 used for both Mic and C-video (multiplexed) in Nokia N95 and N900

For me this is far more logical. Since the Nokia cable works on my Samsung, I would think that both Samsung and Nokia are using the LRMG scheme and simply toggling the pin 3 function from mic to video. So I think the S8500/i9000 page is correct showing the LRMG scheme and should simply add a note like the one on the Nokia AD-57 page concerning the video function.

I am not a technician and have no instruments to test this information. I am just analyzing the information and looking for the right answer myself, so I would like to see the issues on the S8500/i9000 page resolved with a definitive answer.

In any case, it needs to be noted that the information on this page conflicts with the inclusion of the i9000 on the Universal 4-pole Cell Phone headset pinout page.


I should note that while I have no instruments for test the phone, I can use an ohmmeter to verify the cable connections. This test confirms the tip to sleeve configuration of left, right, video, ground.


With my little knowledge, I think there is difference between the video and audio. I haven't got time to check the recent products but will post my result when I do. I