Will Amiga mouse work on a Roland s760

Started by botsch, Apr 28, 2012, 07:26

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Well that's pretty much my question. The Roland s760 is a sampler made in 1990. I know both have the 9 pin connector.   


this is the Roland MU1 mouse specs  8)

    * Interface: MSX standard
    * Sensor: optical rotary encoder
    * Resolution: 30 pulses per rotation & 0.26mm per pulse
    * Encoder speed: 120 r.p.m.
    * Select switch operating force: 120 ± 80 gf
    * Operating force mouse: 120 gf
    * Input/output: TTL level
    * Supply voltage: 5V DC ± 5%
    * Outside dimensions: 97x64x38.5mm (WxDxH) max.
    * Weight: approx. 110g w/o cable/connector
    * Cable length: 110cm.


Hi botsch

I realize this is an old post but for others needing the same information, the Amiga mouse isn't compatible with the Roland S-series but you can use an old MSX compatible mouse, or there are convertors you can build to http://synpro.heimat.eu/mousecon.htm
the other alternative is a software/hardware solution like sxxx http://synpro.heimat.eu/m_rc100.htm, hope that helps someone out there.