Berg "mini-molex" male connector?

Started by fitZ, Jun 09, 2012, 23:49

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Hi guys.  Nube here.  Does anyone know where to find the same type power connector found on Floppy drives and older AGP video cards, only for cables instead of for direct soldering to circuit boards? I believe these are called Berg/mini molex. I already have the female version, which come with older PSU's.  I am in need of a bunch of very small 4 pin cable connections, and these would work very well if I could find the male version.  Similar to male/female standard molex, which are too big for my needs.  Or even something similar...male and female? Thanks for any info on these.

Pepijn de Witte

Do you have an image of it? I got tons of power connectors ATM

Anony mouse

Rick Fitzpatrick

Wow...yeah.  That's it.  Sure wish I could find the plug itself. I can't justify the cost of the cables.