Hyundai/Kia Hi-Scan Pro DCL 16 Cable Pinout

Started by jafergie5, Dec 13, 2012, 04:52

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I am looking for a pinout of the Kia/Hyundai Hi-Scan Pro Diagnostic tool to the OBD 2 connector. It uses a DCL16 cable part number 09900-21100. I got this number from the parts list that comes with the scan tool. I recently purchased a used Hi-Scan Pro, but it doesn't have the required cable with it. Unfortunately there is no one on the web that has one for sale. I can built one if I have the pinout. The scan tool has 24 pins and the OBD2 has 16,  Any info would help. I've also tried to locate one from the local dealerships, but found none. I have found some great info on this site, but not exactly what I need...yet! Thanks