apple 30 pin splitter cable for Apogee Jam?

Started by tmuggie, Mar 07, 2013, 08:16

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I have a problem. I bought an Apogee Jam to go with my IPOD touch 4G. Works great and has great sound but you can't charge the IPOD, IPHONE, IPAD while you are using it because the Apogee uses the 30 pin connector and also uses the ipods battery. get an hour and a half of use and then it's back on the charger. The Apogee Jam has no way to plug up a charger to it.
Here is one device that looks promising but only works with passive 30 pin accessories.   Here is the Apogee jam

I have researched for two days and there is nothing I can find that will work. I ended up here on this website looking for the pin layout and figured you folks have more experience hacking one of these things. I went through several different ideas and have settled on this set up. I have a male to female 30 pin extension cord that I can use to splice this into. I think maybe it would work like this. Extension cord plugged into ipod, Apogee plugged into other end of extension cord. Extension cord split open and an apple USB sync cable sliced into appropriate wires in extension cord but I am not sure exactly which wires and if I need resistors ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


1500 people read this and no ideas? Bummer. Any suggestions as to where I might find any help with this?