Using an Apple-pinout headset (3.5mm) with a cordless landline phone (2.5mm)

Started by amfrick123, Sep 25, 2013, 19:24

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I am trying to help my business purchase a headset that will work with multiple types of phones.  We've chosen one with a standard 3.5mm 3-ring Apple pinout and tested it to work perfectly with iphones and Android phones (controls don't work but I only care about audio/mic).  Our challenge now is finding an adapter to make them work with our landline cordless phones - Panasonic KX-TGA652 cordless home phone (2.5mm jack).  Does anybody know of a cable that will correctly convert the 3.5mm male Apple pinout to a 2.5mm male pinout compatible with that landline cordless phone? 

I can never trust the products online that claim the do this, as they sometimes display the wrong pictures or what you get differs from the description.  Is there a website that sells the adapter I need and can be trusted?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I wouldn't worry.  If its wrong it simply just won't work.

If you really are iffy then you should break it out.  Convert the 2.5mm to 1/8(3.5mm) with any standard cable/adapter.    Then break that out to dual RCA with an adapter.  Now you have one RCA is Mono Audio and one that is Mic.   A simple stereo RCA to 1/8 cable will get to back for your head set.   This was you can easily swap the channels to the way that works.

But in all likelihood just the  standard 2.5mm to 1/8(3.5mm) cable/adapter is all you need.  (Tip <-> Tip, Ring <-> Ring, Sleeve <-> Sleeve)

Swapping the RCA connections would give you (Tip <-> Ring, Ring <-> Tip, Sleeve <-> Sleeve)

2.5mmM <-> 1/8F  (
1/8M <-> Dual RCA-F (
Dual RCA-M <-> 1/8F (

Note: not an ad, just easy image reference.