How can I make a DB25 M to DB25 M cable for printer?

Started by ddng, Apr 08, 2013, 02:42

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Hello, there
I am new in here. Somebody can tell me how can I make a DB 25 Male to DB25 Male cable for connect a Epson TM-U220PD printer parallel interface to a old computer that just have a parallel port too?



Are you sure this printer features parallel interface? The connector is typical for serial interface. If this interface is serial, any db-25 to db-25 nullmodem cable ( should work.


Yes, the printer is EPSON TM-U220PD and mother board just have a Parallel Port (LPT). Let me try if that pinout can work.
Ty, Admin.


Any luck?

I would think any 25pin straight though cable should work.

Also had it been a Serial Printer.  You also would want a 25pin M-F straight though cable.  A Serial Printer is an End-Device and the Computer is a Host Device, and it take just a straight though cable to connect them.  A Null-Modem Cable is 'Hacked' so that two Host Devices can talk to each other (both 'seeing' the other as a End-Device due to the cable)