want to run laptop lcd screen thru a vga

Started by nuezdaman44, Jun 25, 2006, 09:43

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im installing a computer in my car to monitor ecu, play music, movies and i guess to do what computers do...

i would like to wire the vga output to an lcd from one of these laptops:
sony vaio pcg-505fx
hp omnibook 6000
toshiba A10-S177

pinouts or any other kind of help would be appreciated cuz my 500lb 24" CRT isnt what i had in mind for my car.   :mrgreen: thx


why is the 1st question? do you need a 2nd screen? you already have the laptop screen?
the easy way of course is to just buy a regular LCD flat screen(various sizes) and attach that to the SVGA out of the laptop
and you can run both.
and get a invertor to produce the needed 120VAC from the 12V cig lighter.


no i want to put a laptop monitor on a desktop computer... i need a desktop cuz i have a lot of stuff im going to use it to do and need room for i/o cards. also i want it to be fast... im thinkin the case is gonna be in the trunk, my car is pretty small (2000 prelude). i just need to find a way to keep it from bouncing around too much back there.

and i already have an inverter that im using to power my cellphone charger and laptop when its in the car so thats all ready.


well what ive discovered (i had a similar project in mind) is that you can't use a laptop LCD in anything but a laptop or a micro-itx board with an LVDS connector because LCD panels need a controller which is built into the laptop motherboard.

you'd be better off buying a VIA EPIA micro-itx motherboard or something similar because they have universal LVDS controllers onboard.  they aren't the fastest (i.e. won't do games) but they are more than enough for a car-puter and micro-itx cases are small enough to fit under a car seat (mine is under the passenger seat in a 2004 nissan 350z)