Started by mkwatis, Jul 15, 2006, 21:47

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Is posible to conver normal 15pin VGA to (digital flat panel)DFP 20 pin


yes, I looking out for the pinouts, because the cable cost is 50$, I  Just found the pinouts for Dvid [male] 20 Pin Mdr [female] Dvi Digital Plug To Dfp, and I still looking for the pinouts of VGA to Dvi....


if you want to connect vga to a dfp monitor, you will need more than just a cable:
dfp is digital and will NOT accept vga signals. dfp is older than dvi but uses the same signals. i got an siemens mcf 3501t. i solderd an appropriate cable and it workz fine for me.
you could purchase an converter wich can convert vga to dvi. but those start @ 100 $ or more, so this way its cheaper to buy a new one. if you have a graphics card wich supports dvi-d you can easily wire up a cable and can connect dfp to dvi. but the way you try to do--> no way, sorry