logitech x-530 - just using the sub

Started by swgLRD, Sep 28, 2018, 19:46

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I recently found an x-530 subwoofer at electronic garbage disposal and i wanted to get it working.Sadly i just fount the sub unit(not the 4 speakers he is usually connected to).So i plugged it in and didnt hear any noise coming from the speaker,so I opened it up and replaced a blown fuse and burned trace,then i though it connets to PC using vga cable so i did that and that gave me signal it works.Speaker started humming and amplifier chips heated up and when i turned to volume knob it was getting louder.So i disconnected a VGA and tried to recreate it but i cant,chips are not turning on and all i can hear is transformer inside.So i was googling and saw this post from this site:http://pinoutguide.com/Home/logitech_x530_front_pinout.shtml and found something useful here but not useful enough.I connected pin 11 and 15 and pin 12 to 8 but nothing.
So I was wondering If anyone knows how to turn on amplifier and speaker and how to feed audio singal to the speaker.Thank you