DB-26HD (HD-26) Breakout Cable Identification

Started by dlilienthal, Dec 10, 2018, 05:53

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I am trying to find out what interface this cable is used for.

It consists of a DB-26HD (HD26) Male to:

  • VGA/SVGA D-Sub Male (HD-15M)
  • VGA/SVGA D-Sub Female (HD-15F)
  • RCA Female Yellow (labeled VID-1)
  • RCA Female Yellow (labeled VID-2)
  • RCA Female White (labeled AUD-L)
  • RCA Female Red (labeled AUD-R)

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.


I saw that page.  The Ask Impression A6+ Projector pinout seems similar, though my cable has two composite video and no S-Video.  I'm hoping somebody on the forum may have seen this cable in use on a specific piece of equipment.  Thanks.