Amiga -> VGA?

Started by commodorejohn, Dec 31, 2007, 20:35

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I'd like to toss together a homemade Amiga to VGA cable. It looks from the respective pinouts like it should be a simple tab-A-in-slot-B deal where I connect the corresponding pins together, but before I shell out the money for the connectors, has anyone here done this sort of thing before? Will it work to simply connect the following pins together?

Amiga VGA Pin Description
3 1 Red
4 2 Green
5 3 Blue
10 13 Composite Sync
17 6,7,8 Video Ground
19 5 Ground


no it can?t work, if i belive that you trying to conect your Amiga to PC Monitor
The Frequency of your Amiga is only PAL or in your case NTSC and not VGA .
The only way you can get it to work is a flicker fixer
i already did that long time ago.

so long


How does one do that?