DFP (MDR-20) to VGA?

Started by timtom, Feb 16, 2005, 13:53

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I have scavenged some obsolete TFT displays. They look very nice and I would like to use them for some IT projects I have in mind.

The only catch is that they are using these DFP MDR-20 connectors. I would like to connect them to usual VGA cards, but I'm unable to find out how to connect them. I know that DFP is digital and VGA analog, but since there are DVI to VGA adapters available, I figure out it should be possible to make DFP to VGA as well.

Do someone has a clue about this? If a D/A conversion is necessary, do you know of chips that can do it? If necessary, I cand build a small PCB to do the conversion.



but possible to DVI-D if you find DVI-DFP adapter