AAUI transceiver usable for AUI connection ??

Started by monty_burns_007, Aug 21, 2006, 20:25

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I have a question about AAUI.

I bought a wrong transceiver (AAUI) while I needed a AUI transceiver (to RJ45).  :(

Can i simply cut the AAUI connector from the transceiver and attach a DB15 connector (AUI) like on : http://www.fortunecity.de/wolkenkratzer/486/60/aui_aaui.htm

I think I then have to connect following AAUI signals to the coresponding AUI signals :

What do i have to do with the power signals ? 12V or 5V ?

Is it possible to use a AAUI transceiver to connect to a AUI host (network card) ?

I just found this link : http://pinouts.ru/NetworkCables/aaui2aui_pinout.shtml

It is the same connection as above, but it connects :
voltage plus    pin1 (AAUI) to  pin13  (AUI)
so it connects the +5V from the AAUI to the +12V AUI.

So my AUI device will provide +12V on the +5V connection of the AAUI transceiver, will this not damage the AAUI transceiver ?
Or does the 12V provide the necesscary +5V supply for the transceiver ?

Many thanks in advance,

Monty  :D


don't know much about aaui and aui standards but if the supply level is the only thing you're worried about you could always add a voltage divider, a linear regulator, a zener diode, or a combination of the above. with a good sized heat sink, a linear regulator would probably give you the most stable supply. you'll be looking at a 7805 regulator for this application.