Sony Ericsson Cable Question

Started by jez, Aug 25, 2006, 23:48

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has anyone have built a working serial data cable for k750? or has anyone tried to configure DCU 11 to DCU 60? i have the DCU 11 but i want a cable for the k750...

Pls post some light on this one..

tnx in advance


I am facing the same thing.
I am trying to actually make the W800 (K750 compatible I think) talk serially to me.
If you want, I have some findings on talking to it. But haven't got to fully commuicate with it.
let me know if you want, we can talk about it in the forum.


what is you findings man?

sms freak

I dont' think there is a serial cable for K750 becouse you can do everything with DCU-60 (firmware upgrade too).

Here's DCU-60 schematic,checked and working.   :wink:

  click on image for original size


I got question , what pins are the normal SE charger set to on the phone W550i , my charger broke ,was gonna use my usb  cable to add to end of charger if u get what i mean as win x64 dont support dcu60 , and i need to charge it .


sms freak

Here's USB charger schematic.