This is Possible[DKU2 To CA- 42]

Started by damage, Sep 08, 2006, 09:13

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Hello everyone I'm New from this site, i need to know if this is possible,

I have a DKU-2 Cable for Nokia Cellphone, but it'nt the correct from my Nokia 6020 that use CA-42. Is possible convert from DKU 2 To CA -42 I read this Pinout:
And I think if a change the order about the Pin FBus Rx/USB D+ To USB pin 2 and viceversa can be work the cable data?

That is all, sorry for my Bad English,

See u Later :D


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Won't work because th cable will still be USB direct and to communicate with phone it needs electronic inside.
Try to make cable by schematic for Nokia FBUS cable.


It will never work.
DKU2 is a usb cable while in
CA42 cable is actualy USB to Serial Converter cable, which use 2303 USB to serial converter.