HP p4500 G2 storgage server fan issue

Started by Fatfrog50, Apr 25, 2020, 00:37

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hi, anybody had any luck to convert hp server 6 pin fans to PWM low noise 4 pin fans. I have this old hp 4500 g2 servers, with 8 redundant fans, that is laud as a fighter plane, it should work with only 4 fans with less load, I try out 4 fan setup, but it stops and powers down.

I have read, that I can short out the blue wire whit 100 ohms and to 0. but do I need to do it with all six-pin connectors on the motherboard ?? ore how?

my goal is to water cool the 2 CPU's and connect six low noise fans to the motherboard, in a new case. but I do not have any luck yet