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Started by mylanman, Nov 01, 2006, 04:23

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ok so i want to put analog music onto a 5 inch floppy, 3 1/2 inch floppy or a small hard disk. wich one would be the easiest and how to preform this task. i figure all i have to do is have control of disk speed read/ write and head movement... thanks



Just connect the wires of the Read/Write and the erase head of an analog tape recorder to one of the two read/write and erase head in the floppy drive and somehow control the rotational speed of the floppy disk and the tracking of the head.

For the tracking you have to set-up a continuous motion, low speed motor and connect to the conventional tracking of the floppy, in this application the included stepper motor wouldn't help.

In a HDD it's more complicated, you have to record a sync track on one side of the disk and the audio (maybe mono) on the other side and set up a electronic circuit that can record or playback the audio keeping constant speed and adequate tracking (aided with the sync track). If the disk has many platters you can record on one the sync, and the others different audio channels. (3 channels with a 2 platters disk).

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Have been tring to do someting similar, reading the floppy heads as sound.
but there are 5 lines off each head, does anyone have a pinout list for the read/write heads ?
[afaik the read/write is done by one head and erase by another]
can seem to get a signal out of the heads

any info would be great.