Could someone help me match up these 2 interfaces - ADC/VGA

Started by spong, Apr 03, 2005, 03:17

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I have got the pinout info from this site for ADC:

And for VGA:

I have a video card with an ADC port, and want to run a VGA monitor on it.

I am struggling to get the connection right. I know it's possible, as I can buy an adaptor, but it will take 6 weeks to arrive . . .  :(  I have ordered it, but I want to make a temp connector.

So . . . I have connected as follows, using a femal VGA plug, and somethingyou'd all laugh at on the video card, but nothing happens. The monitor just behaves as though it is not connected to anything.

VGA side (monitor)     ADC side (card)
1 (red out)     <---      C4 (analog red)
2 (green out)   <---      C2 (analog green)
3 (blue out)     <---     C1 (analog blue)

13 (Hsynch)     <---     C3 (Analog Hsynch)
14 (Vsynch)      <---    10 (Vsynch)

That did nothing, so I connected 8 (blue ground) to C5 (analog rgb return) to see if that helped. Nothing. Just the 'no cable attached' message, same as before.

Anybody halp me here - I'm not really knowledgeable, so be gentle please!