Treo 680 CAR->USB charger

Started by koZis, Jan 14, 2007, 16:58

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I have a question, I was buy universal car-usb charger, but Treo 680 cannot charge. I was study pinouts and palm use more than 2 pins (5V and GND), it use some next pin for charger identification. I have a hotsync cable, that allow charging from PC, but only after install driver for device, I think it is after that identification. Is there some solution for simulate this process, or have you somebody wiring diagram of palm car charger?




I have cut the original charger cable and soldered USB connectors in.
My intention was to charge the Treo directly on every USB port. For god sake I have recognized that in this case the Treo sucks about 1 amp which would kill every fuse on USB ports.
So that's the reason for the charger indication through the driver/cable of the standard Treo USB cable.

Conclusion: Charging the Treo via USB port needs a driver installed which indicates the Treo to step down the charging current to a max of 0.5 amps.

As I already have cut my original caharger cable I had to build a special car -> usb charger which supports up to 3 amps.