Audigy 2 ZS with Audigy platinum EX external drive

Started by perlagrigia, Jan 20, 2007, 03:46

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I want to know if I can connect the external drive from an audigy platinum EX card to my new Audigy 2 ZS card.
In this site I found a pinout of the AUD_EXT extension of both cards and I see that they are NOT the same.
At the end of the audigy 2 ZS AD_EXT extension pinout, there is the trick "connecting togheter pin 25 and 35 for make the audigy drive working with audigy 2 zs card".
This is for the internal version of the bay?
There is a clue for make the external bay working with audigy 2 zs card?
I thinking about make a relation between pin function of both cards and so modify the original SB0110B cable (the flat cable that connects the card to the SB0110 daughter card.

Thanks to all that will help me!