Ipod Charging from PC

Started by iamcrawfy, Mar 29, 2005, 18:13

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I realised soon after i bought my Ipod it doesn't charge straight from a PC which is a pain.  I have a laptop with a firewire card which I bought and it has a 12Vdc connector in between the 2 firewire ports.  What I want to do is connect this 12V connector to the correct pins on the firewire cable that connects to the ipod itself so I can charge it at the same time as arsing around with songs etc.

I found the pin layout of the Ipod where pins 19,20 are the 12V Firewire charging pins, are these the same? or is one ground?
I guess all I really need to know is the firewire pin layout so I can wire the 12V directly to the correct pins?   Would there be any problems with this also :?:

Any help much appreciated,