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ERROR FIXEDThe connections are correct on the diagram however the numbering of the pins differs from the manual. According to appendix C of the C128 system guide the center pin is labelled as Pin6 (chroma).APPROVED
ERROR FIXED************************************************************************

Here is the A/V connector of the C64 and C128 shown facing the rear of
the computer. Note that early versions of the C64 have a 5 pin DIN
connector while later versions have an 8 pin. The two are wired exactly
the same, except that the 8 pin connector has a separated chroma (color)
output on pin 6. Earlier C64s didnt have separated chroma. Note the
U shape of the connector pins. Its different than the circular
pattern of the RGB DIN connector on the 1902A monitor, for example.
Note: the early two wire cable (5 pin DIN) is used for composite video
and audio only, and a three wire cable (8 pin DIN) is needed for Y/C
video and audio.

see note below -----8 7-----no connection
6---------chroma out
audio out -----3 1----- luminance (B W signal)

audio in -----5 4----- composite video out
2----- ground

Important note: the later C64C and the C128 both have a power supply
line going to one of the unused pins: pin 8. Be careful!!!


The preceeding information was copied from Ray Carlsens website and
is to the best of my knowledge correct. URL for the page this was
copied from is:


2011-10-08 18:00:06rev. 2CORRECTNo that's correct, boring ASCII-picture but I'm sure you'll correct that at some point.APPROVED
2011-10-23 19:54:04rev. 2CORRECTIt's correct.APPROVED
2017-06-04 02:52:23rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED

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