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2013-11-06 21:47:37rev. 3CORRECTThis pinout is true, the german manufacturer "hirschmann" (tm) uses the same numbering at their plugs. Ofcourse mirrored, your picture shows the pinout at the backside of the C= 64 (female) You can still buy those plugs in germany, at a big electronic shop starting with "C" ;-) quote: Actually it is not a standard 8 pin DIN as the pin7 and 8 is as wide as pin1 and 3 AND using different numbering: (but compatible with 5 pin DIN male) 8 ,-APPROVED
2021-11-12 11:25:35rev. 4CORRECTAll goodAPPROVED

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2010-08-20 22:12:17rev. 2CodeKillerconnector type and pin numbering corrected

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